Past Accomplishments of MIEBA

This is a list of just some of MIEBA's accomplishments over the years. We are very proud of these accomplishments and are looking forward to doing even more in the future.

  • Helped change the 1000-foot buffer law — Helping land owners have easier access to building permits within the 1000 foot of wetlands.
  • Donations to local churches and schools — Donations to many of the local churches, including Baltimore Christian Academy and other local public schools. We are extremely proud of our donations towards the new bleachers, scoreboard, and uniforms for Sparrows Point High School.
  • Helped to achieve a higher level of education — We have supplied the local elementary schools with some new books and supplies to help enrich children's educations.
  • Scholarships — MIEBA has donated numerous scholarships to help deserving young adults with the opportunity to advance their education.
  • Food baskets for the needy — MIEBA donated baskets of food to the needy during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
  • Annual community clean up — MIEBA sponsored the community clean up to help dispose of any trash that they choose to get rid of, including used tires.
  • Gateway to Edgemere — MIEBA gave substantial donations for the gateway sign that is at the entrance to Edgemere.
  • Donations to the volunteers — MIEBA donated to the local volunteer fire departments to help maintain their daily activities.
  • Boy Scouts of America — MIEBA donated to the Boy Scouts for the use of new club start up, tents for camping, and a race track for their Pinewood Derby events.

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